Future Trips

Celebrate The Day of the Child

September 29 - October 3, 2018

Special celebration with the children of Yace and San Miguel communities.


  • Christian based lesson
  • Show God's special love to the children 
  • Make the children feel special 
  • Provide fun activities and surprises for the children
  • Give all Honor to God in everything 
  • Distribute donations:
    • clothes, toiletries, shoes, etc.

Celebration cost:  $1,906

Celebrate children in two communities


  • 3 large cakes
  • 6 piñatas
  • 6 large bags of mixed candy
  • 200 party bags for children
  • 200 small toys
  • 200 food plates
  • 200 drinks
  • Christian entertainers
  • Helium balloons, face painting, music and games
  • clothing for each child

Agricultural Project

  November 16 - 19, 2018

Plant 4 acres of corn in San Miguel


  • Create an opportunity to spread Word of God
  • Motivate communion and team work between peasants
  • Contribute to the family economy
  • Implement an auto sustainable system of agriculture in San Miguel, Naco, Honduras
  • Distribute donations:
    • clothes, toiletries, shoes, etc.

Project Cost $1160

Plant 4 acres of corn


  • 20 machetes to clean field       $100
  • 100 Pounds of seed                 $210
  • Planting tools                         $140
  • Fertilizers                               $300
  • Pest control                            $300
  • 160 sacks to carry corn            $110
  • Work force                             $0 

Arizona Supporters

December 19, 2018 - January 3, 2019

Promote what God is doing in Honduras


  • Testify about Gods work in Honduras
  • Promote future mission trips
  • Support Bagdad Christian Life A.G Church with Spanish services in Bagdad, Arizona
  • Share time with partners

A Message in my backpack

Back to school in Honduras

  Tentative dates: January 25 - January 28, 2019

Provide backpacks, school supplies and a message of hope to 200 children in Honduras.


  • Create an opportunity to spread Word of God in public schools
  • Promote education where 50% of children do not attend school
  • Provide backpacks and all the necessary school supplies for one year.
  • Help the communities of San Miguel, Yace, Santa Cruz and Naranjito in Honduras. 
  • Distribute donations:
    • clothes, toiletries, shoes, etc.

    Project Cost $2000

  • 200 backpacks
  • 176 crayolas
  • 140 glue sticks
  • 188 large erasers
  • 200 pencil sharpeners
  • 1400 pencils
  • 200 rulers
  • 800 one subject notebooks
  • 200 scissors
  • 600 black pens
  • 400 red pens

Build a school in San Miguel

Dates: July 2019
Build a school in the community of San Miguel.

Tentative: July 2019

Build a school in the village of San Miguel in Honduras where children do not attend school because it is a 2 hour walk one way through the jungle. 


  • Find an architect to design building
  • Construct school 
  • urnish school with tables, chairs, whiteboards, etc.
  • Provide christian curriculum
  • Petition government for payment of teachers for Christian school

Project Cost: $TBD

Future Plans

Solar Panels

Provide solar panels for families to light up a room, listen to news, etc.

Medical Brigade

Provide medical care by providing deworming,  vitamization and medicine for villages where there is no access to medical care.

How can I help?

This team would not be able to do what we do without your support. You can help by donating items, such as slightly used clothing, shoes, etc., funding for a project, joining us on a trip, pointing us to resources as God leads you.


Q. How far in advance do I need to decide if I am going on a trip?

A. We prefer to have at least 2 months for planning and preparing.

 Q. Is Honduras safe to travel?

A. We travel with the confidence that Christ is our protector. It is always a risk to travel abroad. But, our partners in Honduras know the area well and do everything possible to keep teams safe.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Every trip varies. Contact us and we will provide specific information for each trip.